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About Us

Quality and Beyond!

Shyam Lime is leader producer of calcium products including high calcium, hydrates and lime stone, providing customized solution, using the best raw materials which differentiates us from the conventional market space.

Shyam Lime has successfully completed 20 years of its prolific and self motivated operation with strong consideration of its 3 verticals viz. Transparency, Ownership and Accountability. The company has established its distinct brand identity in the field of Hydrated Lime, Quick Lime and Lime Powder.

Hydrated Lime
Quick Lime
Quick Lime Powder

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About Us

What We Produce

Hydrated Lime

Slaked lime is usually a dry powder resulting from the controlled slaking of quicklime with water. The exothermic or released heat of reaction is captured and used to evaporate the excess slaking water. We offer premium Hydrated Lime Powder without any impurity. With the assistance of modern Automated plant and qualified staff, we have achieved specialization in offering unmatched quality Hydrated Lime Powder. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the prime Hydrated Lime Manufacturers in India

Quick Lime

We are producing High Calcium Quicklime derived from the famous Lime Stone from the Gotan and Khimsar belt of west Rajasthan. White Quicklime (or calcium oxide, or burnt lime, or un-slaked lime) is obtained by calcining (controlled heating - time and temperature) limestone at temperatures above 900°C. This highly reactive product is essential to many industrial processes. Our Quicklime Stone is customized like low sulphate, low magnesium, low silica etc. The Quicklime percentage ranges from 82 to 85% take handpicked quick lime.

Lime Stone

Natural Limestone contains a naturally occurring amount of calcium carbonate greater than 95%. Typically, the next major defining specification is magnesium carbonate or magnesium oxide and that is limited to less than 5%. We provide optimum quality White Limestone that is derived from the well-reckoned mines. Limestone Mineral offered by us is in huge demand for purity, quality and high performance. We have carved a niche as one of the prime Limestone Rock Exporters based in India.

Product Applications

Paper & Pulp Industry

Steel Industry

PVC Indsutry

Leather Industry

Paints Industry

Metallurgy Indsutry

Chemical Industry

Agriculture Industry

Sewage Indsutry

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Quality and Beyond!

Shyam Lime strives to be a symbol of quality. We commit ourselves to maintain unmatched quality in every aspect. We aim to satisfy our customers, leaving no room for any short-comings and to exceed their expectations to ensure we stay at the pinnacle of the market. We aim not only to be the best hydrated lime and Quick Lime manufacturers in India, but the entire world. All our plants are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified and all of our products are checked at each stage through individual laboratories at respective plants. Implementation of quality assurance policy requires active participation by our entire staff. With this aim in mind, we have committed ourselves to:

  • Establishing the necessary system to monitor the performance at micro level.
  • Listening to what our customers have to say and implementing them to constantly better our services.
  • Motivating and ensuring that every staff member shares the desire for perfection in quality in their day to day work.
  • We wish and aim to maintain full confidence of our customers.

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Quality Assurance

Shipping, Logistics & Packaging

Our material handling department is manned by trained professionals who follows all safety guidelines and also stick to dispatch schedules. All packing and forwarding activity is carried out in house in conformity with the strict quality standards.

Quicklime alternatively known as “hot” lime is extremely reactive with water and can be dangerous to handle, transport or work with although it has its construction uses for experienced traditional masons and plasterers. Our Packaging and Transportation completely ensures all of the security measures.

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